Working wear of kitchen is a kitchen "apron" FERRUM Style.

Space between table top and wall cupboard on the kitchen is named a kitchen "apron". From the point of design "apron" on the kitchen is a most essential detail.

Our company makes the prepared kitchen "aprons" on the sizes of the certain kitchen. The base of the "apron" is both-side laminated flake board (thickness 16 mm), facial surface is finished with details from decorative stainless steel (thickness 0,8 mm). The sizes of details vary from 50 mm to 1000 mm. The grade of the applied stainless steel is AISI 304. Such decorative stainless steel is produced in Italy, France and Germany.

Multicomponent glue is used for agglutination of stainless steel with flake board. All works are conducted according to special technologies with modern equipment.

Warrenty on durability of glue connection of metal with flake board is 25 years. Kitchen "apron", finished by stainless steel is durable, moisture resistant and sanitary. Special, built-in fastenings allow to fasten "apron" close to the wall. Combining of different metal textures, sizes of details, plus possibility of covering front-face area with tracery, all this gives you unlimited resource for creation of interesting, non-standard solutions. Stainless steel makes perfect match nearly with any kitchen style, from classics to hi – tech. Such kitchen "apron" coupled with a modern household appliances and light will turn Your kitchen in a peace of art!