Stainless steel leads in modern design and architecture. Such qualities as durability and high level of corrosion stability, glitter, variety of textures and other make this metal indispensable and prospective.
Stainless steel tile "FERRUM Style" is:


New type of production in Ukraine! The base of the tile is ceramic granite. Front-face area made of decorative stainless steel. The unique manufacture in Ukraine! The custom design production only!


The tile is used for in and outside decoration and finishing of walls, floors, stairs, columns, plinth and facades of buildings. Ceramic tile, marble, artificial stone and another finishing agents make a perfect match with our production!


In accordance with your design you can order size, color and texture of tiles front-face area. More then 12 types of textures of stainless steel for front-face area! Covering front-face area of the tile with any tracery by means of special technology!


The tile belongs to structural clay products and has high functional and aesthetic qualities! The stainless steel tile means durability, high water-resistance and temperature drop steadinesss! The tile is made with modern equipment according to special registered in Ukraine techniques!


We give 25-year warranty on the tile! The stainless steel tile is made according to Techical Requirements and was tested by Ukrainian State Centre of Standardization, Metrology and Certification in Kyiv (test report 264-214-08, dated 18.08.2008). It has the resolution of the State Sanitary- Epidemiological examination of Ukrainian Ministry of Health ( 05.03.02 -04/67674, dated 22.10.2008). Ukrainian Materials and Products RDE under the Ministry of Regional Development and Building approved the tile.

The stainless steel tile "FERRUM Style" consists of the base made from ceramic granite (thickness 9 mm) and front-face area made from decorative stainless steel (thickness 1mm). For making borders and friezes the metal on the front-face area can be banded at right angles to the surface from one or both sides. The sizes of the tile of a border can vary from 50 to 600 mm. Our equipment permits to produce the tile with combined from several segments of different colors and textures.

Specialy for interior finish we produce the light-weight alternative tile. Its base made from cork (thickness from 3 to 12 mm) and front-face area made from decorative stainless steel (thickness 1 mm). The sizes of such tile can vary from 50 to 1000 mm. This tile can be used for decoration and finishing of walls, seilings and floors inside the house.

The tile for finishing circular columns with stainless steel. The base of the tile is cork (thickness from 3 to 12 mm) and the front-face area is decorative stainless steel (thickness 1mm). The tile for finishing circular columns is prodused within certain sizes with definit radius. The column is faced with separate details without framework. The technology of facing columns helps to avoid the upsizing and allows to create perfectly smooth surface throughtout the column. The design of columns has unlimited options, because the column can be faced with separate detales of different colors and textures of stainless steel.

The tile for finishing in and outside corners of the wall. This kind of tile is the exclusive new product. The whole tile with 90 degrees angle curve has base from ceramic granite (thickness 9 mm) or cork (thickness 1 mm). The corner of the wall faced with this tile has unbroken metal surface. The size of the tile vary from 50 to 600 mm. It can be used for facing both corners and ractangular columns.

The technique of laying the stainless steel tile based on ceramic granite or cork has no difference from the technology of laying the materials of the base.

The most smart look stainless steel tile has when its combined with marble, ceramic tile, artificial stone and another finishing agents. It can help you to find interesting and original solutions in spheres of architecture and design. Compositions with stainless steel tile can decorate interiors and exteriors of buildings, business centres, automobile sales centres, restaurants, beauty salons, hotels, cottages and apartments.